Quality And Purity

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quality and purity
Quality is a core value at Vita-Pure Inc.

At Vita-Pure, we have a passion to provide the best quality products using the highest standards of from raw materials to end product. We do all the extra steps required to ensure top product quality right from raw material to finished products. For attaining best quality results all our raw materials are tested in both in-house as well as third party labs. By doing this we make sure of authenticity, purity and potency of the raw materials we use. We have implemented a stringent set of SOP’s that ensure GMP quality to our process. Our on-site lab uses USP methodologies to insure the product’s regulatory compliance, safety and quality standards.

We are also willing to take custom request. Let us know what you think and we will make that possible for you. For personalized quote contact us.

quality and purity
Vita-Pure Inc is a GMP certified and FDA inspected facility. We also have regulatory experts that can help navigate the sometimes complicated world of product labeling and international registration – ensuring compliance and avoiding costly mistakes.

Our quality assurance department deals with broad responsibilities and a variety of factors including:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Internal and External audits
  • Supplier qualification

  • Document control
  • Inspection and acceptance testing
  • Non-conformances


Methods UsedUSP/NF, in-house, and client-supplied methods are utilized.


Chemical AnalysisVitamin and Dietary Supplement Assays, Dissolution and Disintegration according to USP procedures, Elemental analysis of minerals, Physical Testing including Partial Size, Friability, Hardness, and Weight Variation, Moisture analysis via Loss on Drying and Karl Fischer techniques, Identification via spectroscopy, Pesticides Analysis and Heavy Metals Testing.


InstrumentationHPLC systems equipped with UV/VIS, RI, FTIR and NIR spectroscopy systems, Automated Disintegration and Dissolution apparatus, Titration equipment.

We deeply believe in providing the best quality health care products at a fair market price and with high standards of technical support and customer service.